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SUB-30 Re-Tuning Service

SUB-30 Re-Tuning Service

Blue Moon Harmonicas LLC

  • $ 5000

SUB-30 Re-Tuning Service

You shold only be looking at this service if you have already decided to send me a SUB-30 to have it customized.  The price for customizing your SUB-30 is $200.  This fee includes a SUB-30 Customization Kit and my labor.

The SUB-30 is available from Suzuki in three keys - A, C and D.  If you would like to have your SUB-30 re-tuned to a different key, that will add a lot of extra work to the order, so I have to charge for it.  The fee for this service is $50.00.  

Please be realistic with your request.  For example, if you send me a D harp, please don't ask me to re-tune it to a low F.  I would have to add too much solder to the tips of the reeds to do that and it would have a negative impact on the performance of the harp.   Examples of what would be a good idea are the following:

  • Tune an A harp to Bb, Ab, G, or Low F
  • Tune a C harp to D, Db B, Bb or A
  • Tune a D harp to E, Eb, Db or C

After you have added everything to your shopping cart, you will be able to leave a note with instructions before checking out.  This is where you will want to provide any special instructions about tunings.

Please ship your SUB-30 to the follwoing address, along with a note providing such details as your name, shipping address and any special instructions.  The default tuning for the Custom SUB-30s I build is 19-Limit Just Intonation @ A=442Hz.  If you would prefer a different tuning, please specify that in your notes.

Blue Moon Harmonicas LLC
P.O. Box 14401
Clearwater, FL 33766

Please be patient.  This is no different from you ordering a Built-to-Order Custom Harmonica.  The expected delivery time is about 6 months.  Plesae read the information below about Expected Delivery Dates, my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and my One Year Warranty.

Expected Delivery Date

Please note that the turnaround time on Built-to-Order Custom Harmonicas is currently running 6 months, or perhaps longer. Unless a harmonica is listed as a “Ready-to-Go” harp, all custom harps are built to order, per the customer’s specifications. We keep an inventory of over 1,500 combs and about 400 new Hohner and/or Suzuki harmonicas on hand at all times. If it is listed on the website, we have it in stock. The wait time is not due to us making the combs or ordering the stock harp. It is simply that we are very, very busy and custom harps take time to build. Thank you in advance for your patience.

100 % Satisfaction Guarantee

Blue Moon Harmonicas LLC stands behind everything we offer with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  If, for ANY REASON, you are not completely satisfied, please speak up.  We will do everything in our power to make things right.  That might include making adjustments to your custom harmonica, exchanging the product for something else or refunding your money.  That is your call.  We just want you to be happy.  So, please do not hesitate to communicate with us.

One Year Comprehensive Warranty

Every Custom Harmonica comes with a Top to Bottom One Year Warranty.  If ANYTHING goes wrong with your harp in the first year, we will fix it at NO CHARGE.  This includes blown out reeds or anything else that can go wrong with a harp.  After one year, we will service your harp for a flat rate of $25.00.  That would include cleaning, tuning, replacing any blown out reeds and in general, making the harp look and play like the day you got it.


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