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Suzuki SUB-30 Harmonicas and Components

The Suzuki SUB-30 is a revolutionary harmonica featuring 30 reeds on a chassis the same size as a standard diatonic harmonica.  In addition to the standard 10 blow and 10 draw reeds, Suzuki has incorporated 6 additional blow and 4 additional draw “Sympathetic Reeds” which provide the “missing notes” on a Richter Tuned Harmonica. The extra reed enable full chromatic playing through the use of standard draw bends and and blow bends.

Blue Moon Harmonicas has been intimately involved with the efforts to customize and improve the performance of the SUB-30 from the very beginning.  We are one of only a handful of custom harmonica makers in the world who focus any attention on the SUB-30.  We are one of only three companies that has ever made a custom comb for the SUB-30 and our External Valve Plate is a component exclusive to Blue Moon.

We offer Custom SUB-30s in the Keys of A, C and D built wtih our Custom Combs and External Valve Plate.  The  Custom Combs and Valve Plates are also available as stand alone components or as a complete SUB-30 Customization Kit.


The SUB-30 was developed to enable diatonic harmonica players to play “Chromatically” without the use of Overblows or Overdraws, or Specialty Tuning, which would require you to learn a new breath pattern (as compared to the standard Richter Tuned layout).   It is an ingenious instrument.  However, it is not a panacea.  If you are a beginner and think that buying a SUB-30 will enable you to play the “extra notes” as easily as pushing the slide on a chromatic harmonica, you are mistaken.  If you have not mastered the skills of Draw Bending and Blow Bending on a standard 20-reed diatonic harmonica, the SUB-30 is not the harp for you.  You are better off developing those skills on a harp like a Marine Band, Special 20 or Manji.  If this has not scared you off, please carry on.  Tom Halchak - Owner



Please note that the turnaround time on Custom Harmonicas is currently running 6 to 8 weeks.  Unless a harmonica is listed as a “Ready-to-Go” harp, all custom harps are built to order, per the customer’s specifications.  We keep an inventory of over 1,500 combs and about 400 new Hohner and/or Suzuki harmonicas on hand at all times.  If it is listed on the website, we have it in stock.  The wait time is not due to us making the combs or ordering the stock harp.  It is simply that we are very, very busy and custom harps take time to build.  Thank you in advance for your patience.

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