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Suzuki SUB-30 Harmonicas and Components

The Suzuki SUB-30 is a revolutionary harmonica introduced at the SPAH Convention in 2012.  It features 30 reeds on a chassis the same size as a standard diatonic harmonica.  In addition to the standard 20 blow and draw reeds Suzuki has incorporated 6 blow and 4 draw “Sympathetic Reeds” which provide the “missing notes” on a Richter Tuned Harmonica and enable full chromatic playing without the use of overblows or overdraws.

From the very beginning, Blue Moon Harmonicas has been intimately involved with the efforts to customize and improve the performance of the SUB-30.  Working with Brendan Power, the original designer of the SUB-30, we first developed the Custom BMH30 Comb, which helps make the harmonica more airtight. 


Blue Moon Harmonicas also developed an External Valve Plate which adds 10 more valves to the SUB-30 in a single component.  The additional valves enable the player to isolate two of the three reeds in each chamber regardless of whether they are playing a blow note or draw note.  This enhances the bendability of the reeds making the “Sympathetic Reeds” far more responsive and easier to play chromatically.


The Blue Moon SUB-30 is available as a complete custom harmonica in the keys of A, C and D with your choice of combs and covers.  For the Do It Yourselfers, the components can be purchased separately or as a complete kit.  The SUB-30 Customization Kit includes your choice of a Corian or Aluminum BMH30 Comb, an External Valve Plate and your choice of a set of Manji or ProMaster Cover Plates.

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