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Hohner MS-Series Combs

Blue Moon MS-Series Combs are 3D Designed and CNC Milled from solid blocks of Aluminum, Corian, Fancy Acrylic, Stabilized Wood, Brass and Hogany. 

    The Hohner MS-Series family of harmonicas includes such popular models as:

    • Blues Harp
    • Big River
    • Meisterklasse
    • Blue Midnight
    • Pro Harp
    • Cross Harp
    • Deuce and a Quarter

    Our MS-Series combs will fit them all. Our MS-Series Combs have five screw holes with which to fasten the reed plates. All MS-Series reed plates have five screw holes, however most of the stock MS Combs have only two or three holes. The additional screws help build more airtight harps. The stock screw on a MS harp is a 1.6mm. Just let us know if you need a couple and we will include them at no additional charge

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