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Suzuki SUB-30

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Blue Moon Customized SUB-30

New and Improved as of April 2017

The Blue Moon Customized SUB-30 is built with your choice of a Custom Blue Moon SUB-30 Comb and an External Valve Plate (EVP).  The External Valve Plate is a revolutionary component that adds 10 more valves to the SUB-30 dramatically increasing the responsiveness of the SUB-30's Sympathetic Reeds.


The SUB-30 was developed to enable diatonic harmonica players to play “Chromatically” without the use of Overblows or Overdraws, or Specialty Tuning, which would require you to learn a new breath pattern (as compared to the standard Richter Tuned layout). It is an ingenious instrument. However, it is not a panacea. If you are a beginner and think that buying a SUB-30 will enable you to play the “extra notes” as easily as pushing the slide on a chromatic harmonica, you are mistaken. If you have not mastered the skills of Draw Bending and Blow Bending on a standard 20-reed diatonic harmonica, the SUB-30 is not the harp for you. You are better off developing those skills on a harp like a Marine Band, Special 20 or Manji. If this has not scared you off, please keep reading.

Our Custom SUB-30 Combs are available in a wide array of Anodized Aluminum, Corian and Fancy Acrylic.

Black and Clear Anozided Alumium

Corian - from left to right - Graphic Clue, Hunter Green, Black, Hot Red, Glacier White

Fancy Acrylic - from left to right - Patriot, Blue Topaz Water, Lava, Orange Tuscan Sun, Margarita Swirl, Citrine Water.

Suzuki offers the SUB-30 in three keys - A, C and D.

The External Valve Plate (EVP) was introduced in December 2013 and is a revolutionary component that dramatically improves the playability of the SUB-30.  We have just finished upgrading the EVP to improve the performance of the component.

The SUB-30 is a 30 reed harmonica built on a standard 10-hole diatonic chassis. There are 3 reeds in each chamber. The 1 thru 6 chambers have two blow reeds and one draw reed. The 7 thru 10 chambers have two draw reeds and one blow reed. A logical question is, "How do you make the right reed play when you want it to"? The answer is valves. Valves seal off individual reed slots and prevent air from reaching the reeds thereby preventing them from playing when they are not supposed to. A stock SUB-30 comes equipped with 10 factory installed valves. The Blue Moon EVP adds 10 more valves. Each chamber then has two valves - one that opens when you blow and closes when you draw and the other does the opposite - it opens when you draw and closes when you blow. This enables you to isolate two of the three reeds in each chamber. By using standard draw-bend and blow-bend techniques you now have 10 additional notes available. This enables you to play chromatically on a diatonic harmonica without having to master over-blowing and over-bending.

Important Note: If you have never played a SUB-30 before here's something that you may not know. One of the most ingenious aspects of the SUB-30's design is that it is set up like a standard Richter Tuned Harmonica. The breath pattern for the standard notes, including traditional draw bends and blow bends is the same as a Marine Band or a Manji. So you do not have to learn a new breath pattern to play the SUB-30. The difference is that now you have blow-bends available on 1 thru 6 and draw-bends available on 7 thru10. It takes a little getting used to having those extra notes but it is far easier than learning how to over-blow and over-draw.

The custom components developed by Blue Moon deliver dramatic improvement to the SUB-30.  However, in addition to the components, expert reed work is also necessary to bring out the full potential of the SUB-30.  Over the past 4+ years, I have built over 100 Custom SUB-30s using our components. There are less than five custom harmonica builders in the world who work with the SUB-30 and Blue Moon is the only company that makes the External Valve Plate.  As always, your satisfaction is guaranteed.


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