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Special 20 Harmonicas

Built-to-Order Custom Harmonicas are not available at this time.  We apologize for this inconvenience.

Please see our announcement which was posted on March 10, 2020.


Built to Order
Custom Hohner Special 20

Built to Order Custom Harmonicas are built according to your exact specifications.  You choose the Brand, Model, Key, Comb Material, Comb Color, Tuning and Set-up.  Please allow 3-4 months for delivery.  

The Hohner Special 20 is a Top-of-the-Line Harmonica enjoyed by professionals and enthusaists alike throughout the world.  Our Blue Moon Custom Special 20s feature Special 20 Reed Plates and Covers combined with CNC Milled Custom Blue Moon Combs.   We make Special 20 combs from solid blocks of Corian, Aluminum, Brass and Acrylic.  We also customise Special 20 covers via Powder Coating and Hydrographic Printing.  Some of the Ready-to-Go Custom Harmonicas featured here will sport the custom covers.

The Standard Set-up for our harmonicas is a "Blues Set-up".  These harmonicas are designed for playing Traditional Blues, Rock, Country, Gospel and Folk music.  They feature the following upgrades:

  • Installation of a Custom Blue Moon Comb
  • Draw Plate flat sanded 
  • Covers opened in the back
  • Gaps adjusted for optimum response
  • Reed profiles checked and shaped if necessary
  • Tuned to Modern Compromise Temperament @ A=442Hz (alternate tunings available upon request)

Our Standard Blues Set-up is the harmonica of choice for most players.  These harps are airtight, responsive, in tune, very comfortable in your hands and on your lips and tongue.  Although we don't promote them as "Overblow Harps", it very easy to Overblow the 4, 5 and 6 on these harps (assuming you know how to overblow).  If you want a full blown custom harp that can be played chromatically by use of Overblows and Overdraws, this will require an extensive amount of additional reed work and customization. Consequently, there is an additional charge to produce such a harmonica. 

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