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Built to Order

Built to Order Custom Harmonicas

Whereas Ready-to-Go Custom Harmonicas from Blue Moon are pre-built to our exacting standards and are available for immediate shipping, as the name would imply, our Built to Order Custom Harmonicas are built according to your specific instructions.  You have the ability to choose the Brand, Model, Key, Comb Material, Comb Color, Setup and Tuning. You can even accessorize your harmonica with Custom Covers.  Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.


  • Marine Band 1896 (nails replaced with screws)
  • Double Reed Plate Marine Band 1896 – NEW
  • Special 20
  • Double Reed Plate Special 20
  • Golden Melody


  • Manji
  • Double Reed Plate Manji - New
  • SUB-30

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