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Blue Moon Videos

On this page you will find a variety of videos which show how our combs are made.  In additon you will find endorsements and demonstrations by some prominent professional harmonica players.

Who is Tom Halchak? 
What is Blue Moon Harmonicas all about?
Neil Warren
Harmonica Happy Hour Podcast
August 4, 2023

In August 2023, I was interviewed by Neil Warren for his Harmonica Happy Hour Podcast.  It was a real treat to have an hour-long conversation with Neil.  Super nice guy.  Very prepared.  Does his homework.  Very knowledgeable.  My interview with Neil was Episode #91.  I have been binge listening to the other 90 episodes.  Great stuff. 

If you want some insight into who I am, how I got started, where I came from, where I am going and what I am all about, have a listen.  Neil does a great job extracting all sorts of information in an entertaining and informative way.


Blue Moon Unboxing
Jason Ricci 
November 22, 2022

In this video we see our friend Jason Ricci unboxing a shipment of Custom Blue Moon harmonicas. As a full-time gigging musician, Jason goes through quite a few harps.  We have a pretty steady rotation of harps being sent back for repair (blown out reeds) and new harps making their way into his lineup.  It is an honor and a privilege to build harps for Jason.  The feedback he gives me has helped me to improve my skills and make me better at what I do. 


Is this the loudest harmonica?
Tomlin Leckie
July 27, 2022

With more than 200,000 YouTube Subscribers, Tomlin Leckie is one of the most prominent harmonica teachers in the world.  In the spring of 2022, Tomlin ordered some custom combs and a custom harmonica from me.  This was 100% unsolicited, and he paid full price, so there was no quid pro quo or expectation that he would be obligated to give me a favorable review, nor was he paid to do so.  This video is his reaction to playing his first Custom Blue Moon Harmonica.  I have since had the opportunity to meet Tomlin while I was on vacation in Edinburgh, Scotland.  What a quality guy.  It is a pleasure to have a warm friendly relationship with him.


How to choose a custom harmonica
Lee Sankey
April 14, 2020

Lee Sankey is one of the most respected harmonica instructors in the world.  In this video, he offers some insights into how to choose a custom harmonica.  I am honored to be included in some of the companies that he mentions and reviews. 


Jason Ricci

Published on Dec 23, 2016

Several examples of some of the great harmonicas and parts I've been using the past few years from Tom Halchak and Blue Moon 




Published on Jun 24, 2016

D harmonica in 3rd position (kinda) Key of Em. Harmonica is a Suzuki Manji by Tom Halchak at Blue Moon Harmonicas (no tweaks or customization at all .... Amp is a Harp Gear HG 50 through Lone Wolf effects and a Stigtronics chorus and a Maxon auto Wah. Mic by Greg Huemann I finally watched the Jaco Documentary and then sat down inspired and emotional and had to do something. 

Jason played this song on a Suzuki harmonica that I built for him. It is a combination of components. At the core is a set of Suzuki Fabulous Reed Plates which have been flat sanded, tuned and gapped - nothing more.  The comb is a prototype Teflon comb.  That's right - pure Teflon.  And I used Manji covers.  The modular design of the Suzuki components allows me to mix and match combs, reed plates and covers to create some interesting combinations.

JD Taylor is the front man for Little Boys Blue.  He is a monster harp player.  He's been wondering about the Double Reed Plate Special 20s that I build so I sent him one.  Here's JD showing it off.  If are wondering whether or not you can overblow and overdraw on Double Reed Plate harps, this video will answer those questions.


Jason Ricci recorded this awesome testimonial for Blue moon at SPAH 2015.  He is a great guy to work with and a fantastic partner.


This video shows the CNC Milling of Bamboo Golden Melody Combs

Ronnie Shellist is a great friend of Blue Moon Harmonica.  In this video he shows off his Blue Moon Double Reed Plate Special 20 with a Brass Comb.

 This video shows four Fancy Acrylic Seydel 1847 combs being CNC Milled.

This is a very nice video of JD Taylor talking about two harps he built with some custom Blue Moon combs he ordered.  I had no idea who he was when he placed his order and the next thing I knew, he posted a video on my Facebook Timeline.  I was floored.  What a great testimonial!  Thanks' JD.

Jackson Kincheloe is the harmonica player for Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds.  This is a high powered funkadelic rock band that is playing about 200+ gigs a year.

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