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Ready-to-Go Manji in C - Black Paper Phenolic Resin Comb Candy Blue Covers

Blue Moon Harmonicas LLC

  • $ 16500

Ready-to-Go Manji in C
Black Paper Phenolic Resin Comb
Candy Blue Powder Coated Covers

Featured in this listing is a Suzuki Manji Harmonica, in the Key of C, with a Black Paper Phenolic Resin Comb and Candy Blue Covers.  It is tuned to Modern Compormise Temperament (which is the current Marine Band 1896 tuning) @ A=442 Hz. 

This harmonica is set up with our Standard Blues Set-up.  Our Standard Blues Set-up is the harmonica of choice for most players.  These harps are airtight, responsive, in tune, very comfortable in your hands and on your lips and tongue.  Although we don't promote them as "Overblow Harps", it very easy to Overblow the 4, 5 and 6 on these harps (assuming you know how to overblow). 

If you want a full-blown custom harp that can be played chromatically by use of Overblows and Overdraws, we can accommodate you.  This will require an extensive amount of additional reed work and customization. Consequently, there is an additional charge to produce such a harmonica and it will take additional time to prepare the harmonica, which will delay the shipping time by about a month.  If you want the additional customization on this harmonica, just click on the radio button for Upgrades that says, “Please upgrade my harmonica to an Overblow/Overdraw harp. (Additional $50 charge.)

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