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R. Sleigh Reed Replacement Tool

Blue Moon Harmonicas LLC

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R. Sleigh Reed Replacement Tool

The R. Sleigh Reed Replacement Tool is a concept that has been bubbling inside Richard Sleigh's head for many years and we here at Blue Moon Harmonicas are happy to help him bring it to fruition. The tool is precision milled from 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum and Carbon Steel. The beauty is in its simplicity. One side of the tool features a carbon steel bed with a drainage hole drilled through it to allow spent rivets to clear. The taper tipped dowel pin is used to punch the rivets out. The other side of the tool features a solid carbon steel bed and a flat head dowel pin. This side is used to flatten reed plates, flatten reed pads and hammer the replacement reed into place should you decide to affix the reed to the plate with a rivet. The flat head dowel pin has a hole on one end which permits you to flatten the reed pad onto the reed plate while it is riveted to the plate. The hole provides clearance over the rivet head. Included with the Reed Replacement Tool is a Lazy Susan style base which can be mounted on your work bench with screws and enable you to swivel the tool from one side to the other depending upon what job you need to do. The bottom of the Reed Tool has a hole which fits neatly over the larger dowel pin on the Lazy Susan which holds it securely in place while allowing the freedom to turn the tool 360 degrees. Also included is a 2 Ounce Brass Jeweler's Hammer to provide the delicate touch necessary for working on reed plates. The top portion of the Reed Replacement Tool has four channels of various widths. These channels are used to secure reeds to a work surface if and when you need to ream the hole in the reed pad to accept a screw.

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