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Marine Band Conversion Kit

Blue Moon Harmonicas LLC

  • $ 2495

Marine Band Conversion Kit

The Classic Marine Band 1896 is assembled with nails, which can make disassembling and reassembling a challenge.  And so, it is a common practice to replace the nails with screws.  This is not a particularly difficult project but it does help if you have the right tools and hardware.  A drill press is ideal but a hand-held drill will suffice.  This Marine Band Conversion Kit will provide you with the proper sized drill bits and hardware to do the job.  Included are the following items:

  • Four (4) Binding Screws to fasten the covers
  • Three (3) 1.6 mm screws to fasten the reed plates to the comb
  • A 1.5mm Drill Bit to drill screw holes in the draw reed plate (bottom plate)
  • A 1.6 mm Tap to cut threads into the draw plate for the 1.6mm screws. The Tap is installed on a Pin Vice to make it easy to grip and turn.
  • A 2.0mm Drill Bit to drill pass through screw holes in the blow reed plate (top plate)
  • A 3.0mm Drill Bit suitable for drilling holes for the cover plate Binding Screws

This is enough tools and hardware to convert one Marine Band 1896.  If you want to convert more than one harp, you don’t need to buy another set of Drill Bits and Tap since they are, of course, re-usable.  You just need more hardware (screws).  You can find these listed separately here:

Here is a set of instructional slides which will whow you a foolproof method for doing this job:


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