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John Potts Estate Harps - Mike Fugazzi Customized Golden Melodys

Blue Moon Harmonicas LLC

  • $ 35000

Mike Fugazzi Customized Golden Melodys.  There are thirteen harmonicas in this set.  The keys include Low F#, G, Ab, A, Bb, B, C, Db, D, Eb, E, F and F#.  These harmonicas were built by Mike Fugazzi in December 2011.  Nine of the harmonicas have Sjoeberg Dymondwood combs.  The other four harps have Blue Moon Anodized Aluminum combs (keys of Low F#, G, Ab, and B).  They are tuned to Equal Temperament @ A=442Hz. I have some extra Sjoeberg combs that I can throw into this deal if you want the same combs on every harmonica.  John probably changed out some of the harps with the aluminum combs he bought from me.  The extra Sjoeberg GM combs I have probably were originally installed on these harps.

For those of you who do not know about Mike Fugazzi, Sjoeberg combs or Dymondwood here is a little info.  Mike Fugazzi has a good reputation for knowing his way around a reed plate.  Mike was pretty active in the harmonica customization community back around 2010 – 2012 or so.  However, as most of us know, trying to earn a living and raise a family by playing or building harmonicas is a tall order.  Consequently, Mike has pursued a career in education, and I do not believe is currently building custom harmonicas.  I could be wrong about this.  Mike is still active in the harmonica community.  He regularly posts on Facebook and has a website called

Dick Sjoeberg was a very respected Harp Tech who designed a custom comb featuring notches in the chambers which he claimed would enhance tone and response.  I cannot confirm nor dispute his claims.  His combs are very well made and were very popular when he was making them.  I believe that Joel Anderson of J.A. Custom Harmonicas still makes Sjoeberg designed combs. 

Dymondwood is, more or less, high end plywood made with multiple layers of veneer that are permeated and bonded together with resin and made under high pressure to compress the layers.  At one time, Dymondwood was a very popular material for making custom combs.  Sadly, the Dymondwood factory burned down nine years ago and it is no longer available.  I cleaned the harps (soaked in soapy water, rinsed, wiped clean) enough to test all the reeds.  Every reed in every harp plays.   Whoever buys these harps would be well advised to disassemble them and thoroughly clean the insides of the combs and reed plates.  I can guarantee that all the harps will play.  I cannot guarantee that they are in tune or are properly adjusted/set up.  In addition, in the interest of full disclosure, the Dymondwood combs are in need of refinishing.  Whatever was used to seal the edges of the combs is chipped and/or peeling on a number of the harmonicas.  A little light sanding and a fresh coat of wipe on polyurethane would do the trick.  This is a nice set of harps, but I would definitely call them a bit of a project.  Do not expect to get a set of harps that are ready to be played.  Expect to do a little work to get them back into tip top shape. 

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