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Golden Melody with Aluminum Comb

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Blue Moon Golden Melody with
Anodized Aluminum Comb

This Blue Moon Golden Melody is built with your choice of one of our beautiful Brass? Combs.  All our combs are 3D Designed and CNC Milled, They are perfectly flat and all the sharp edges have been removed to provide an exceptionally smooth playing surface for your lips and tongue.

You can choose from either a Clear Anodized Aluminum Comb or a Black Anodized Aluminum Comb. We use 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum. Anodization is an electrolytic process whereby a layer of Aluminum Oxide is created on the surface of the metal. Aluminum Oxide is non-reactive and more durable than aluminum.

The following work will be done to this harp to improve the performance:

  • Installation of Custom Blue Moon Comb
  • Flat Sand Draw Plate
  • Gaps Adjusted for optimal response
  • Reed Shape checked and corrected if necessary
  • Reed Plates Tuned to Equal Temperament @ A=442Hz

Please note that we are presently only stocking the keys of G, A, Bb, C, D and F.  If you would like a key not listed we would be happy to special order it and build you a harp. It will just take about a week longer.

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