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Suzuki HarpMaster Brass Comb

Blue Moon Harmonicas LLC

  • $ 6495

The Suzuki HarpMaster features a recessed comb similar to Hohner Special 20, the Seydel Session Steel and Lee Oskar Harmonicas. They are available in Brass, Anodized Aluminum, Corian and Fancy Acrylic. Please visit all our listings to see your choices. All Suzuki Diatonic Reed Plates have the same footprint therefore you are not limited to using HarpMaster Reed Plates on this comb. You can use Manji or ProMaster Reed Plates as well. HarpMaster or BluesMaster or other Full Length Covers - such as SUB-30 Covers - are highly recommended since the covers sit forward of the groove on Manji pr ProMaster Reed Plates. Bushman Reed Plates will also fit this comb.

Please note that this listing is for the comb only. Any harmonicas pictured are for illustrative purposes only and are not included. If you are interested in purchasing a complete harmonica with one of our custom combs, please look under the Harmonicas section of this website.

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