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Ready to Go Big River - #112 Key of D with White Corian Comb

Blue Moon Harmonicas LLC

  • $ 12500

I have eight Ready-to-Go Big River Harmonicas that were built espcially for the 2023 SPAH Convention but were not purchased during the convention.  They are bargain priced at $125.00 each.  They are tuned to the MS-Series Compromise Temperament @ A=442 Hz.  This tuning is very similar to 19-Limit Just Intonation.  The setup is my Traditional Blues Setup.  They are airtight and responsive and if you are an Overblow player, you won't be disappointed.  The 4,5 and 6 Overblows are solid.  The backs of the Corian and Acrylic combs all have BLUE MOON HARMONICAS laser engraved on the back.  The one harp with the Anodized Aluminum comb has a sticker. The engraving is filled in with paint in a contrasting color to the comb.  Sorry for no individual photos of each harp.  They are included in the group photos.

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