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Rob Paparozzi Custom Big River

As of December 10, 2020, the Rob Paparozzi Custom Big Rivers are SOLD OUT.  I am leaving the information about this harp up for the sake of posterity.  We do plan to offer more customized Big Rivers in the future.

The Rob Paparozzi Custom Big River is a collaborative effort created by the one and only, Mr. Rob Paparozzi and Blue Moon Harmonicas.  The Hohner Big River has been Rob’s harmonica of choice ever since its introduction in the 1990’s.  Rob has been using Blue Moon custom combs for many years, so this is a perfect match.

This beautiful harmonica features a CNC Milled Gold Anodized Aluminum Comb and Black Nickel-Plated Covers.  The reed plates have been adjusted for optimal response and fine-tuned to Hohner’s MS Compromise Temperament @ A=442 Hz.  This is not a harmonica just for collecting.  This is a harmonica that in meant to be played, just as Rob will be in his future gigs. 

This is a limited run of 125 harmonicas, available in five keys – G, A, Bb, C and D.  It is very reasonably priced at $124.95 + applicable shipping charges.  Get them while supplies last.  

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