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Ready-to-Go Plated Hohner Golden Melody

Ready-to-Go Custom Harmonicas
Plated Hohner Golden Melody

We have 18 Hohner Golden Melody harmonicas featuring Electroplated Combs and Covers.  We have three different Electro-Plate options – Black Nickel, Chrome and Silver.    All but one of the harps feature plated aluminum combs – either Black Nickel or Chrome.  One of the harps has a Sliver Plated Brass comb with matching Silver Plated Covers (it is a Bb).  Some of the harps are mono-color, with matching combs and covers.  Some are mix and match with a combination of different combs and covers.

All the harps feature our Standard Blues Setup, which includes, of course, a custom Blue Moon Comb, Flat Sanded Draw Plate, each individual reed is checked for profile and centering, and the gaps are set for optimal response.  Each harp is properly tuned to Equal Temperament @ A=442 Hz.  These harps are airtight, responsive, in tune and a pleasure to play.  Although they are not set up specifically to be “Overblow/Overdraw Harps”, they all do easily overblow on the 4, 5 and 6.  If you want a harp set up to play chromatically with full Overblow/Overdraw capability, there is an additional charge of $50 for the reed-work required.



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