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Sonny Terry Estate Harmonica - Marine Band #216-17

Blue Moon Harmonicas LLC

  • 57500

Marine Band 1896 #?ÿ216-17

Key of?ÿA

Adamƒ??s Gussowƒ??s Notes: ƒ??Some wear. ?ÿCover plates squeezed. ?ÿ4 draw noisy. Several blow octaves slightly flat. Fair to poor."

This harmonica shows a medium amount of wear. ?ÿThe covers are just starting to show signs of tarnish and the top cover (bottom for Sonny) is slightly crushed. ?ÿThere's a little bit of rust on the front edge of the cover by 8 draw. ?ÿNothing major. ?ÿTwo of the reeds are stuck. ?ÿThe 4 draw that Adam mentioned in his notes clearly has something stuck between the reed and reed slot. ?ÿThe same is true for the 8 draw. They both play but something is getting in the way. I?ÿdoubt ?ÿif either reed is broken. ?ÿIf you are looking for a harp that you can play without tinkering with it, this is not the harp for you. ?ÿHowever, if you know your way around a harp, in my opinion, this would be an easy harp to fix. ?ÿIt's just 2 reeds gunked up. ?ÿI disagree with Adam's rating of fair to poor. ?ÿI would say, nicely broken in?ÿand with a little TLC, it would be a very good harp. ?ÿI have pledged not to touch these harps and leave them "as is" so as not to damage their collectibilty. ?ÿHowever, one of the reasons I was offered the honor to work with Sonny's estate is because of my expereince restoring vintage harps. ?ÿIf you like this harp and want me to free up the 4 and 8 draw, I will do so. ?ÿJust let me know. ?ÿOtherwise I will ship it as is.

This harmonica does not include the original box.

The harmonica will be shipped in an attractive shadow box display case, a framed 8X10 glossy black and white photo of Sonny and an individually signed Certificate of Authenticity.?ÿ

Price: $575.00

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