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Sonny Terry Estate Harmonica - Marine Band # 204-25

Blue Moon Harmonicas LLC

  • 60000

Marine Band 1896 # 224-25

Key of A

Adam Gussow's Notes: "Some wear. Caked spit on comb. Blow chord is sour. Could be cleaned up. Poor"

This harmonica is a beauty. You can see clear signs of wear on the top cover over the 1-5 holes and the cover is tarnished behnid the 5-9 holes where Sonny's left thumb held the harmonica. Remember, Sonny played the harp with the low notes on the right (upside down) so the thumb marks are on what would have been the bottom cover for him. There is a significant amount of dried up gunk in the comb on holes 1-4. If this was an ordinary harp, I would just clean that stuff off and the harp would be much improved. I did test the reeds - not extenisvely because I didn't want to dislodge any of the crust - and all the reeds except 10 draw play OK. Some people are interested in these harps because they want a piece of history they can proudly display. Some want a harp they can both display and play. This one is more for display. I will not clean it. That is up to the buyer. ome people might be grossed out at the thought of having someone else's dried up mouth juices in the comb. Other might say, "That's a piece of Sonny Terry". That's your call. 

This harmonica does not include the original box.

The harmonica will be shipped in an attractive shadow box display case, a framed 8X10 glossy black and white photo of Sonny and an individually signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Price: $600.00

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