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Rob Paparozzi Custom Big River

Blue Moon Harmonicas LLC

  • $ 12495

Rob Paparozzi Custom Big River

The Rob Paparozzi Custom Big River is a collaborative effort between Blue Moon Harmonicas and, of course, Mr. Rob Paparozzi, one of the world's most accomplished and beloved harmonica players.  Throughout his long career, Rob has been a big fan of the Hohner Big River.  In fact, it is his harp of choice.  When we approached him about creating a customized version of the Big River, he immediately embraced the idea.  We were and are thrilled.  

The Rob Paparozzi Custom Big River is a handsome harmonica featuring a Gold Anodized Aluminum Comb and Black Nickel-Plated Covers. 

The reed plates have been moderately customized.  They are tuned to Hohner’s MS Compromise Temperament @A=442 Hz and are set up for playing Folk, Rock, Classic Chicago Blues, Gospel and Country Music.  It is available in limited quantities in the keys of G, A, Bb, C and D.   

Very reasonably priced at $124.95 each.

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