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Pre-War Marine Band in E - Peruvian Cherry Comb

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This is a pre-war Marine Band in the key of E. ?ÿIt is in excellent?ÿcondition. ?ÿThe original pear wood comb has been replaced with a lusterous Custom Blue Moon Peruvian Cherry?ÿcomb. ?ÿAll the nails have been replaced with screws. ?ÿThe draw plate has been flat sanded to create an airtight seal with the comb. The reeds have all been gapped and straightened for maximum response. It is tuned to the original Marine Band tuning, which is 7 Limit Just Intonation?ÿ@ A442. ?ÿThis is a superb harp that plays like a dream. It is not meant to be a show piece. ?ÿIt belongs in your gig case and needs to be played.

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