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MS Cross Harp Reed Plates - Close Out Special

MS Cross Harp Reed Plates - Close Out Special

Blue Moon Harmonicas LLC

  • $ 2000
  • Save $ 34

These are MS-Series Cross Harp Reed Plates. Do not confuse these with CrossOVER reed plates which is a member of the Marine Band Family of harps. The Cross Harp is a member of the MS-Series Family of Hohner Harmonicas. All the components in the MS-Series are interchangable. In fact, "MS" stands for Modular System. So these reed plates can be used with any other MS-Series harp:

  • Blues Harp
  • Big River
  • Meisterklasse
  • Blue Midnight
  • Pro Harp
  • Cross Harp
  • Deuce and a Quarter

The Cross Harp reed plates are a little thicker than most of the other MS-Series reed plates. They measure 1.05 mm thick compared to 0.90mm thick for the Blues Harp or Big River. These plates retail for $54 on the Hohner C-Shop.

<a?ÿhref=""> Cross Harp Reed Plates</a>

The Cross Harp Reed Plates are the same as the Meisterklasse reed plates except that the Meisterklasse plates are chromed.

Reed plate (5) and cover screws (2) are included.

I bought out the inventory of a harp tech that passed away. I got a good deal on them so I am passing the savings on to you.

What is also interesting is that this Harp Tech liked to put his reed plates through a Thermal Cycling Process in which the temperature is lowered to minus 300 degrees F and then raised to plus 300 degress F.  The process is designed to realign the molecular structure of the metal and make it stronger. ?ÿHere's a short video which includes an expanation on the treatment of guitar strings.

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