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Sonny Terry Estate Harmonica - Marine Band # 196-97

Blue Moon Harmonicas LLC

  • 47500

Marine Band 1896 # 196-97

Key of F#

Adamƒ??s Gussowƒ??s Notes: ƒ??Moderate wear. Squeezed cover plates. Worn comb. Sonny played this harp.?ÿ Exceptional sound but blow octaves are out.?ÿ Very Good.ƒ??

This F# Marine Band shows obvious signs of The Masterƒ??s Hand ƒ?? literally.?ÿ The bottom cover (although for Sonny it would have been the top cover as he played the harmonica ƒ??upside downƒ??) is slightly crushed.?ÿ The covers have a dull finish but are not tarnished.?ÿ The finish has been worn off the tips of the tines indicating that this harmonica was played extensively.?ÿ There is a fair amount of Sonnyƒ??s dried saliva encrusted on the inside of the comb.?ÿ All the reeds play.?ÿ Nothing broken or stuck.?ÿ

The harmonica will be shipped in an attractive shadow box display case, a framed 8X10 glossy black and white photo of Sonny and an individually signed Certificate of Authenticity.?ÿ

There is no box included with this harmonica.

Price: $475.00

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