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John Potts Estate Harps - Blue Moon Golden Melody – Suzuki ProMaster Hybrid Harmonicas

Blue Moon Harmonicas LLC

  • $ 12500

Blue Moon Golden Melody – Suzuki ProMaster Hybrid Harmonicas.  These harmonicas are built using custom Blue Moon Harmonicas Black Anodized Aluminum combs, Black Powder Coated Covers and Suzuki ProMaster Reed Plates.  Suzuki and Hohner reed plates have the same spacing, so installing Suzuki reed plates on a Hohner comb is not too difficult.  That being said, I did have my machinist make some custom GM combs with screw holes positioned to accept Suzuki reed plates.  Of course, the reed plates had to be carved up a bit to fit under the GM covers, but again, that is not all that difficult to do.  There are four harmonicas featured in this group.  The keys are A, Db, Eb and E.  All are tuned to Equal Temperament @ A=442Hz.

The original ProMasters had reeds that were fastened with rivets (like a Hohner or a Seydel).  At some point, Suzuki transitioned to the practice of spot welding the reeds to the reed plates.  The A, Eb and E have welded reeds.  The Db has riveted reeds.  These harps have been cleaned to the extent that would allow me to check all the reeds to make sure that they are sound.  They are.  A buyer would be well advised to completely disassemble the harps and clean them.  And, while they are at it, it would be a good idea to check the tuning.  These harmonicas are being offered AS IS, but as always, I will stand behind them with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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