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Double Reed Special 20 with Aluminum Comb

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Blue Moon Double Reed Special 20
with an Anodized Aluminum Comb

The Blue Moon Special 20 is built with one of our CNC Milled Anodized Aluminum Combs and Hohner Special 20 Reed Plates & Covers. ?ÿWe then add an extra plate (essentially a reed plate without reeds) and a Blue Moon Special 20 comb that has been custom designed to accommodate the thicker plates. The extra plates are mounted on top of the blow plate and between the draw plate and the comb to create reed plates that are thicker than stock Special 20 reed plates (not quite twice as thick). The principle behind this design is that the Double Reed Plates create larger chambers in the reed slots. Therefore each time a reed swings through the slot it will move more air than as compared to a standard reed plate. The result is increased volume and responsiveness.

At present we have two Anodized Aluminum Combs to choose from:
ƒ?› Black Anodized Aluminum
ƒ?› Clear Anodized Aluminum

You can choose from either a Clear Anodized Aluminum Comb or a Black Anodized Aluminum Comb. We use 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum. Anodization is an electrolytic process whereby a layer of Aluminum Oxide is created on the surface of the metal. Aluminum Oxide is non-reactive and more durable than aluminum.

Keys Available = G, Ab, A, Bb & C

The following work will be done to this harp to improve the performance:

  • Installation of Custom Blue Moon Comb
  • Flat Sand Draw Plate ƒ?? Flatter Reed Plates + Flatter Combs = More Airtight Harp
  • Gaps Adjusted for optimal response
  • Reed Shape checked and corrected if necessary
  • Reed Plates Tuned to Modern Compromise Temperament @ A=442Hz
  • Back of Cover Plates Opened (See Pictures)
  • Cover Brace Installed (See Pictures)

As always, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with this harp, speak up, let us know, and weƒ??ll make it right, either by fixing this harp, replacing it or giving you a complete refund ƒ?? your call.

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