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Recently I bought out the inventory of a local harp tech who had passed away.  He was very fond of the Hohner MS-Series Harmonicas and so I wound up with a lot of complete MS Blues Harps and a lot of MS-Series Cross Harp Reed Plates.  I do not have the time to customize these harps or reed plates so I am selling them as-is.  They are new and perhaps even better than new.  The Blues Harps are intact complete new harps.  Many (not all) of the Cross Harp Reed Plates have been put through a Thermal Cycling Process in which they are cooled to minus 300 degrees F and then heated to plus 300 degrees F.  This process realigns the molecular structure of the metal making it stronger.  I got a good price on these items and so I am passing the savings on to you.

The MS combs are not on Closeout. I just added them to this page so they were easier to find in case you want to purchase the components to build a harp.

I also have 8 sets of Lee Oskar Reed Plates.  I have them priced at $8.00 a set which, even after you add the cost of shipping is about half the price of what you can find them for on eBay, etc.

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